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Katelyn Fusco, Host of Happy Homebirth Podcast.


"Heather is such a wonderful asset to our community. As an IBCLC I wish every infant could see her after birth. Her understanding of structure and function as it relates to breastfeeding is second to none. The whole-body, whole-person approach she takes to therapy is so unique and powerful. Heather is extremely knowledgeable on breastfeeding which makes her even better at what she does. She is highly skilled and intuitive with the most warm and calming presence that always puts everyone in the room at ease. She worked on my own 4 year old daughter and I was so impressed that a child who usually takes a while to warm up to a new person, was calm and engaged in the therapy for a full hour with not a complaint. I highly recommend Heather a million times over!" -Meredith Wentzel, MA, IBCLC, LMBT

"My little man had tongue and lip tie that we had revised at about a week and a half old. So basically in the womb, he compensated his sucking muscles with all the muscles in his face and neck causing a ton of tension. He didn't nurse very well on the left side due to the tension. After going to a chiropractor a couple times and really no changes I needed a different route. That's how I got to Heather. She was great. My son was smiling the whole session and was super relaxed. He went from being scrunched up like a turtle to completely relaxed at the end of the session. I saw his entire neck for once on his own instead of me forcing his chin up. Also I went from only pumping .5oz on my left breast to getting a good 2-2.5oz per session!" - Angelica, Breastfeeding Mother & Birth Doula.

"I met Heather at the clinic to address my newborn daughter's birth trauma, nursing issues and colic. She was born with a cord wrapped loosely but several times around her neck. After one session with Heather her colic symptoms reduced dramatically and she was able to latch better. Heather referred my daughter for an oral functional evaluation to address nursing issues which revealed that she had a tongue tie and lip tie. We met with Heather two additional times, both pre and post revision and noticed great improvement in her ability to latch and nurse effectively. I am so grateful for the help that Heather has given to my daughter. Her craniosacral skills speak for themself and her knowledge of ties and local trusted providers helped us transition from a low weight, colicky newborn to a thriving and happy child." -Jennifer, Mother of three

"Heather's warm and welcoming persona, combined with an in-depth knowledge of cranial sacral therapy, makes her a trusted therapist in my book! After just one treatment I felt an instant response and I could tell my body released areas of on-going tension. I would highly recommend her treatments to others, no matter the age of the person, as I think her treatments could help everyone."
-Emily, Photographer

"I longed for quiet, unhurried care in which I could rest my being and connect deeply to myself and all that is. Heather is able to hold this space for me. Her humble gratitude and gentle confidence make healing possible." -Valerie, Massage Therapist

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