Professionals Knowledgable in supporting babies with Tethered Oral Tissue

(tongue, lip and buccal ties)

Homebirth Podcast & Natural Parenting Resources 

Katelyn Fusco, Host of My Happy Homebirth

Lactation Support

Meredith Wentzel, IBCLC  Nourish Integrative Lactation & Wellness (Greenville, SC)

Mara Lubic, IBCLC Mountain Lactation Services (Asheville, NC)

Providers for Tethered Oral Tissue (Tongue Tie & Lip Tie)

Anne Bynum, DDS, Holly Tree Pediatrics (Simpsonville, SC)

Michael Bozard, DDS, Pediatric Foothills Dentistry (Boiling Springs, SC)

William L. Chambers, DDS, Great Beginnings Pediatric Specialists (Asheville, NC)

Matthew Rowe, DDS, Southern Roots Periodontics (Columbia, SC)

Scott A. Siegel, M.D., D.D.S., Northeast Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (New York, NY)

Chiropractors supporting pediatrics, pregnancy & breastfeeding

Dr. Meghan Afshar, Upstate Specific Chiropractic (Greenville, SC)

Dr. Christopher Boyhan, Align Life East Asheville (Asheville, NC)

Dr. Jared Dreckman, Dreckman Family Chiropractic (Simpsonville, SC)

Dr. Derek Kasten, One Love Chiropractic (Asheville, NC)

Speech Therapy & Pediatric feeding specialist, Beckman Oral Motor Therapist 

Lauren L Harrell, MS, CCC-SLP, Turtle on a Post (Greenville, SC)

Autumn R. Henning, MS, CCC-SLP, COM®, Chrysalis Feeding (Greenville, SC)

Midwifery & Doula Care

Carrie LaChapelle Craft, LM, CPM, Hatched (Greenville, SC)

Carrie Hike, The Mothership: Doula & Birth Services (Asheville, NC)

Dina Fraize, CPM, CBE, CBD, Central Mass Midwifery (Boston, MA)

Sara Rathbone, CPM, Maitri Midwifery, (Asheville, NC)

WNC Birth Center (Asheville, NC)